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Geothermal rebuttal page link


I found this on http://interestingenergyfacts.blogspot.com/2008/03/geothermal-energy-facts.html

Example of geothermal energy^^ It comes from the center of the Earth.

I think it will help a lot. It talks about 5 effects on the environment Effects on the environment.

Look at this It talks about examples of geothermal energy.

http://www.our-energy.com/energy_facts/geothermal_energy_facts.htmlCheck this out!

This website is really helpful! GeothermalGeothermal

I think we should do a prezi for our final presentation. Go to discussion posts.www.prezi.com (email-sara.schlange@students.sjsd.k12.mo.us password-bodemiddleschool)

Geothermal Energy For Kids Everything you need to know about geothermal energy; very simple.

Geothermal Here's a website I found that talks about the pros and cons of geothermal energy!

Negatives of Geothermal EnergyGroups

this is a website that basically just tells you what geothermal energy is and how it works.
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This is a great resource for a lot of different sites about geothermal energy: Great Geothermal Energy sites!

I found this at https://inlportal.inl.gov/portal/server.pt/community/geothermal/422/what_is_geothermal_energy_

Process of Geothermal Energy
vPositives of Geothermal Energy


  • Availability: Where can you find it? How much is there?
  • Geothermal energy is found in the Earth often near major boundaries of the earth's plates. Geothermal is a renewable energy source. But is currently only 10% of the earths energy
  • Economically: What are the costs involved with this type of energy?
  • Environmentally: How does it impact the environment? What steps are people doing to reduce harm to the environment?
    • The only impact it has on the environment is that it can cause small earthquakes
  • Ethically: Is it ethical to use this form of energy? Why or why not?
  • Safety: How safe is it to use this form of energy? What precautions are being used to prevent harm?


I chose this web site because it list ways that we can use geothermal energy and it has a lot of facts.
    • Geothermal energy does not create pollution. It is safe to use this form of energy.
  • Socially: Are their advantages to society for using this energy?
  • Advantage: for using geothermal heat to power a power station unlike most power stations, a geothermal system does not create any pollution. It may once in a while release some gases from deep down inside the earth, that may be slightly harmful, but these can be contained quite easily.
  • Advantage: Green alternative to producing in long term. It's energy that is produced on a non-polluting basis, which is why it is so popular. Also, reliable because it's available for years to come. It can reduce the cost of energy bills by around 70%, which means huge savings for families
  • The cost to build a geothermal power plant is a lot less expensive than: oil, gas, coal, or a nuclear power plant.
  • Geothermal energy is very clean, you may receive tax cuts, or no environmental bills.
  • No fuel is required to generate the plant, so there are very low cost for purchasing, transporting, or cleaning up of fuels you may consider purchasing to generate the power.
  • Geothermal energy is from inside the Earth's core. Temperatures hotter than the sun's surface are continuously made inside the Earth by the slowly removal
  • of radioactive particles, a process that happens in all rocks.
  • Geothermal power is clean, reliable and cost effective but its availability is often limited to areas near tectonic plate boundaries.
  • Geothermal power plants in the Philippines and Iceland contribute around 30% of their electricity production. In the USA it is less than 1%.
  • As of 2010, 24 countries around the world use geothermal power to generate electricity while around 70 use it for various forms of heating.
  • Geothermal heating applications include industrial uses, heat pumps, space heating and bathing in hot springs.
  • Humans have enjoyed geothermal energy in the form of hot springs for thousands of years.

Geothermal energy can be used as an efficient heat source in small end-use applications such as greenhouses, but the consumers have to be located close to the source of heat. Geothermal energy - heat from the earth (in most cases mineral water)- is an important energy source having environmental and economic advantages over fossil and nuclear energy sources.

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  • Heat from the earth can be used as an energy source in many ways, from large and complex power stations to small and relatively simple pumping systems. This heat energy, known as geothermal energy, can be found almost anywhere—as far away as remote deep wells in Indonesia and as close as the dirt in our backyards. Tapping geothermal energy is an affordable and sustainable solution to reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, and the global warming and public health risks that result from their use.

Geothermal energy has three main uses: Heating, Electricity generation and Geothermal heat pumps.

Geothermal Energy is generated deep inside the earth.


Geothermal energy sometimes finds its way to the surface in the form of:
  • Volcanoes and fumaroles (holes where volcanic gases are released)
  • Hot springs
  • Geysers

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  • Is this energy source a renewable or nonrenewable source of energy? How do you know? What steps are being done so that we can continue using this source of energy?

  • Is your source of energy one that is used to generate electricity in Missouri? If so, where and how is it produced? If not, why not? Where is the closest location to Missouri it is produced?

Missouri does not possess geothermal resources applicable for use in generation of utility grade electricity or for direct geothermal applications, Missouri is ideally suited for geothermal heat pump and earth contact home applications. We experience several hot summer months and long cool winters. Geothermal heat pumps could save as much as 60 percent on utility bills associated with heating and cooling a typical Missouri home.

  • .What jobs are available for working with this form of energy?

http://www.flickr.com/photos/7202153@N03/2824228526/ by Al_HikesAZ picture of beehive geyser in Yellowstone National Park
http://www.flickr.com/photos/95572727@N00/4714844002/ by Stuck in Customs of Prismatic Steam in Yellowstone National Park

talks about what geothermal is, and where it is at. Good website.

this is more detailed and more understandable.