i found the video on youtube about honda hydrogen powered car, thats already out and has been out, its not available to everyone one yet but its a start.
I got the picture of off google.

So far i've found out that
  1. Hydrogen is a renewable energy source
  2. Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the world, means there's a lot of it, plus it's really small.
  3. Hydrogen produces almost no pollution
  4. NASA has been using liquid hydrogen to power it's space shuttles since 1970. And it produces a clean by product water, so basically after using liquid hydrogen to power something like a car whats left over is pure water, which i safe to drink and won't harm you.
  5. I found all of this out here, you can read more about it yourself.

I found this on wikipedia:
  1. Hydrogen is about as safe as gasoline, and it can be used the same way. I don't know why it isn't used more because it'll be cheaper than gas, it's eco-friendly,and its renewable, what else do we need.
  2. Hydrogen by itself is not natural, in nature it's always a part of water or some other chemical, so the challenge is to find a way to get pure hydrogen and thats where there's the a problem, but there are a ways to get it.
  3. Producing it may be a problem because the traditional way of making it produces methane, but there are other ways, but then again, those are costly. But there's good news: new technologies are being made to better find a way to get hydrogen and use it.

    I got this information from here

Here's some more info:
  1. When hydrogen is burned as a fuel, there are some things left over (just like there's ash left over from burning wood in a fire). Well when hydrogen is burned nitrogen and water are produced. The later, water is good, but nitrogen is a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming, but it's also used in many way for good.
  2. Like I said before hydrogen itself is not natural, it has to be separated from something like water which is a compound of hydrogen and oxygen (H2O) so there has to be a way to separate the hydrogen and the oxygen and there we find a problem. The traditional way to separate them is to use methane (natural gas) but if you do that then it produces carbon monoxide which will turn in carbon dioxide. But there's another way to get the hydrogen from water: electrolysis.
  3. Electrolysis is when scientists pass a current of electricity through water and get hydrogen. This can be good or bad depending on how the electricity is produced, if they got the electricity from something like burning coal, then there will be not point in using hydrogen as a fuel because then there will still be the same amount of pollution, but if they get the electricity from solar energy then there will be pollution and we will get the full benefit of using hydrogen, but then that means that for hydrogen to become a fuel source for the whole world solar power is also needed.

I got this info from here